First class science and prescription free

Orviax™ is the all natural solution to sexual problems for men of all ages. Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or another sexual dysfunction? Do you want a solution to your problems without any of the harsh side effects of the prescription drugs currently on sale? If you answered yes to the above, you are in the right place.

We have brought years of scientific studies and medical advances together in one simple capsule. Our patented formula is made up of eleven totally natural herbs, and has been specifically created to help you recover your sexual energy and performance. Also, you do not need a prescription to enjoy these benefits.

Our scientific advances combine studies and herbal supplements from all over the world. Drawing on these discoveries, we have increased the natural power of these herbs by more than fifteen times. This means you get a simple capsule containing our patented formula in a very high concentration.

A countless number of medical professionals around the world back our product. However, you must remember it is a very strong mixture, and is strictly for adults. Pregnant women should not use Orviax. When using this product, follow the instructions for use and dosage found on the label.

Science is on our side. We have selected the very best research and development to help you recover the sexual performance you want.

It increases blood flow to the penile tissue, resulting in firmer and long lasting erections

How Orviax works

When you have an erection, blood flows to a section of the penis known as corpora cavernosa. This porous tissue expands to contain the increased blood flow. Using a unique combination of safe and natural ingredients, Orviax significantly increases the blood flow to the penis; a goal that can be achieved in just a few days.

Safe and totally natural ingredients for restoring sexual performance

All the ingredients found in our product are derived from herbs, are totally natural, are approved by medical professionals and help recover your libido in various ways:

  • By increasing sexual energy and resistance

    thanks to Maca and Damiana

    It has been shown that Maca and Damiana extract increase sexual energy, resistance and longevity. You will have a better sexual performance, and you won’t get tired.

  • By causing strong and long lasting erections

    thanks to Avena Sativa and Korean Ginseng

    Avena Sativa helps stop impotency and improve erections. The Ginseng helps to increase circulation in the penis, which allows the firmness of the erections to be maintained.

  • By allowing natural sexual function to be restored

    thanks to Muira Puama.

    Muira Puama is a well known herb used to treat various sexual impotency problems naturally. Whatever your problem, you will see a notable recovery, and improvement, in your performance.

  • By reversing sexual ageing

    with Serenoa Repens

    Serenoa Repens keeps the prostate healthy. This means that men will have more sexual energy, thus avoiding the usual effects of ageing.

  • By reducing sexual anxiety

    with Withania Somnifera root and Ginkgo Biloba

    Withania Somnifera root helps men reduce the stress and anxiety associated with problems in sexual performance. Ginkgo Biloba will help you tune yourself in and improve your sexual concentration.

With medical authorization

The Orviax formula was developed by doctors, and a large number of medical professionals in the US and other countries have recommended it.

Our unique manufacturing process ensures that each and every one of the ingredients are seventeen times stronger than in their natural form. This translates to one thing, RESULTS.

Orviax Testimonials

We get letters calls and emails every day from satisfied Orviax customers. Each one has their own personal story, but the results speak for themselves: recovery of sexual function, improvement in sexual performance and full satisfaction.

  • “Hello, since I have been using Orviax for my occasional erectile dysfunction problem, I no longer have to worry! My erection is stronger and lasts longer. I can have sex more than once, and last longer than before. Not only that, but I feel better, thanks!

    Mr. Martin

  • “I used Orivax because I needed to revive my sex live. I had a lot of stress and was tired every day. Since I have been using Orviax, my partner and I are happy with my erections, mainly as I can last longer and avoid premature ejaculation. Now sex is more fun! I recommend this product to all men!”


  • “Before using Orviax, I couldn’t maintain an erection, but when I started taking it, it really helped. Every man should try this product. It’s worth every penny! The quality of my erections has improved considerably and I can maintain an erection for much longer. I can sincerely recommend Orviax!”


  • “I am very happy to have discovered Orviax, a fully natural product that has stimulating effects for the whole body, and that, of course, has an immediate effect on my libido. Using Orviax, I have rediscovered my youth and have experienced incredible sex with my partner. It is fantastic to be able to have sex just seconds after taking a pill, and even have glass of wine with it. It’s really amazing. My wife and I are thrilled!”

    Ramon B.

  • “I am 58 years old and didn’t have sex because my libido had decreased a lot, and my erections were not hard enough. So, I searched on the Internet and found Orviax. I bought 5 bottles, and ten days later, my erections were harder, and I had a greater and more frequent sex drive. Orviax gives me the security I needed in my relationship. I would recommend everyone having sexual problems to try Orviax.”